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Our residents, both boys and girls, live in a completely remodeled, fully furnished, separate, and beautifully appointed facility, infused with all of the details that make a space feel like a home; it is structured to function as a family home in every way, with a family room and family style dining area.  

Our routines complement the space by emphasizing the concepts of family and teamwork; each resident lives with a roommate to promote bonding, cooperation, and concern for others; residents are an integral part of meal-planning, preparation, and clean up--just like a family; and our house parents provide empathetic care, structure, stability, and lasting relationships.

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The support system for these children extends far beyond our four walls and out into the community. They receive the highest quality education from the award winning Oxford School District.

The Oxford schools have pledged to provide our residents not only a high school education and diploma combined with community enrichment opportunities, they also support our residents who so desire through their first level of their collegiate experience.

Using their state of the art cyber academy, our residents are met where they are  and given a tailored curriculum to meet their needs and learning styles.

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