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The Direct Care Worker (DCW) is critical to the trauma-informed, healing care that we provide for the children we serve. DCW shall show sufficient leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, time management, life skills, mentoring abilities and the capacity to love unconditionally. Must be able to nurture the strengths while coping with the weaknesses of a large group dynamic. It is imperative that the Direct Care Worker be adept in group-relationship assimilation and providing individualized care for the purpose of maintaining a cohesive working group.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Transport to & remain with residents at all appointments, extra-curricular activities, and outings.
  • Plan and prepare for shifts with excellence.
  • Complete daily logs and weekly/monthly schedules.
  • Intervene in emergencies with the crisis management policy and procedures and immediately.
  • After the incident is de-escalated, complete an incident report, and follow all protocols in the
  • required time frame.
  • Assist any ill resident according to the policy and procedure.
  • Be able to coordinate, schedule and lead psychoeducational, personal growth and process
  • groups.
  • Work collaboratively with team members on your shift.
  • Model and teach residents daily living skills and age appropriate behaviors.
  • Strive for a healthy team, work environment and group.
  • Further, DCW need to be prepared for the "shock and disappointment" they will experience when they discover that the children they may have expected to be "grateful, responsive, and affectionate" to persons who have come to take care of them are often hostile, or even angry. The language and intense feelings with which they express themselves can be found to not be within the previous life experience of the DCW.
  • The DCW has to be content with small successes, and even with a slight degree of improvement, often not as much, or as soon, as was hoped for. It is critical that the DCW find creative ways to praise residents who have little or no success or improvement.
  • The DCW has to be ready to receive an upset resident and aid them in the assimilation and intake process, as it can be traumatic.
  • The DCW has to take a good deal of negative and try to give out daily as much positive as possible.
  • The DCW work with children who may confront them with a gamut of psychological stress, tension, anxieties, mental health conditions and strenuous behavior in relation to past and present experiences and people.


  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Operate with a sense of leadership that starts with being a servant to your team and residents
  • Must have good organizational skills and be able to think strategically while multitasking
  • Must have good communication skills

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