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We exist to instill hope in children who have only known the intense instability of foster care by emulating the unconditional love of a healthy family to them. 

Taking a data-driven approach to intervention, we provide the individualized care and attention that affords these children the felt security to stabilize, build confidence, and begin processing their difficult journey through trauma focused therapy. Finally, we help them reintegrate into the community through their forever family.

We are dedicated to bringing excellence to foster care, awareness to the public, and hope to these children...

Until Every Child Has A Home.

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There are thousands of children in foster care waiting for a family to call their own. We provide a therapeutic and familial environment for minors who are languishing in the system and facing the grim possibility of aging out without finding their forever family.

Aging out of foster care should not be a viable solution. House of Providence offers a safe and secure home for foster youth to stabilize and thrive, finding hope, healing, and a permanent family.

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Jason and Maggie Dunn


Jay and Maggie Dunn have been involved in foster care throughout their entire marriage of 25 years and have adopted 7 children from foster care. When they came face to face with the great brokenness of the foster care system and the children depending on it--they couldn’t look away.

In 2012, they opened House of Providence to serve children facing the grim prospect of aging out without ever finding their forever family.

Jay and Maggie treat the children taken in by House of Providence as their own. Their diligent leadership and commitment to excellence steers this ship ever towards their goal: Until Every Child Has A Home.

House of Providence Home for At Risk Children

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